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Chiropractic Care is ESSENTIAL Right Now

Chiropractors Are Essential Health Care Providers During This Crisis

This office will remain open. Chiropractors are classified as essential health care providers. This means that we are needed during this time of crisis to serve. You may be asking, why would a chiropractor be needed to serve during a crisis that has to do with a virus? Hopefully you know by now that chiropractic has to do with the health of your nervous system. (it’s about the Brain, not about Pain)

The SPINE…. Has an intimate connection to your Nervous System

Your NERVOUS SYSTEM… has an intimate connection to your immune system, to the macrophages, to the autonomic system.

The best science available today shows that the SPINEis essentially the motor for the brain.

The brain requires feedback FROM THE SPINE, through PROPER alignment and movement, in order to deliver the right information to all muscles, organs, and tissues.

Improper alignment creates improper motion, which stimulates the Stress response. The STRESS RESPONSE DEPRESSES THE FUNCTION OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

A Chiropractic Adjustment improves the function of your Brain by removing interference in your nervous system caused by vertebral subluxation, helping to restore proper alignment and motion.


It is for this reason I am choosing to stay open. With that said however, I have precautions to keep not only you and your family safe but myself as well. The following are some guidelines: 1) My hours will stay the same however I will be practicing appointment distancing. I have changed the time slots from 10 minute visits to 15 minute visits. 2) If you see that someone is here, please wait outside in your car until they come out. 3) I am disinfecting after every patient. Not only the table, but the common surfaces as well

4) When you walk into the office you may notice a pleasurable aroma. I will be diffusing antiviral and immune system boosting essential oils at all times during office hours.

5) If you are feeling sick please notify me via phone/text and we will schedule a time for you to come in during closed hours.

6) If you are 65 and older or have a compromised immune system please contact me via phone/text to schedule your adjustment during quieter times.

As always, thank you for trusting me with your health. It’s an honor to help ensure you and your family stay healthy during this crisis. Call me to schedule an appointment today at my South Berwick office at (207) 200-3113.

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